Packing Supplies For Woodbridge Self-Storage Facility

Published: 25th February 2010
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Proper packing can make a huge difference to your experience at Woodbridge self storage facility. Firstly, it will protect your belongings from damage, secondly, it will be easy to locate the items when they are packed and labeled properly. Though you may have packed your belongings earlier too, these tips will change your outlook toward packing. We have some detailed information about packing items in the right manner before storing them at Woodbridge self storage facility.

Packing Tips

Boxes - Do not make the mistake of buying boxes of different sizes. It will be difficult to stack them one above the other. If you need to store small items, it is good to buy boxes with compartments. This will allow you to store small items securely in large boxes. Pack as many items as possible in boxes. Unboxed items will catch dust and grime. Moreover, the items will be susceptible to damage when stored without boxes at Woodbridge storage facility. Apart from compartment boxes there are wardrobe boxes too that enable you to hang clothes in a hanger while storing it in the box. Some boxes come with print so you do not have to label them. Moreover, the print is large and bold. It will catch the attention of the person handling the box while moving it to Woodbridge self storage buildings.

Packing Tapes - In order to close the boxes you would require packing tapes. The tape should be wide so that it secures the box properly and offers a good hold. When the boxes are securely packed, it will increase the speed and efficiency of packers and movers. There won't be any mishaps while storing it at Woodbridge self storage facility.

Protective Wraps - These are very essential for packing fragile items. When you use Woodbridge self service storage, it is advisable to wrap delicate items in bubble wraps with padding. There are bubble boxes too available for storing collectibles or artifacts. Protective wraps are also available for sofa and mattresses. You can safely pack your sofa with a plastic cover and store it at Woodbridge self-storage space. Similarly, there are plastic covers for king and queen sized mattresses. Protective wraps will also include clean white papers that can be used for packing crockery. Never make the mistake of packing delicate crockery in newspaper. The ink will stain your valuable items. Safely pack, dishes, chinaware, glassware, and ceramics in clean white paper before storing them in boxes.

Packing Kits - Some of the packing material suppliers will have packing kits meant for different household items. These kits are handy while storing your belongings at Woodbridge self storage facility. The kits include glass-packing kit, dish-packing kit, etc.

Other Items - Apart from these important items you would also require other miscellaneous items like box cutter, locks, marker pen, labels, plastic bags, dustbin bags, foam peanuts, tape dispenser, cling film, pad locks, etc. The Woodbridge self-storage rates will depend on the type of unit you hire. They have different types and sizes of units to meet your needs. Woodbridge climate-controlled self-storage will cost more than a regular unit.

A Woodbridge self storage facility offers a variety of storage options to its clients based on their need and budget.

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